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Severn Federation Academy Trust

Learning together with minds that think and hearts that care

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Our Vision, Ethos and Aims

Our Vision


Our vision is to be creative schools learning together in inclusive, inspiring and nurturing Christian communities where all children and adults are loved and achieve their best.


‘Learning together, with minds that think and hearts that care’


The Severn Federation Academy Trust believes that all children should be educated in schools that are at least good in order to achieve their very best.  At the Severn Federation, everyone works together to put children at the heart of all that we do.  We collaborate seeking out the best practice from within our Trust and from the wider educational world to provide robust challenge and support.  We believe that every school, staff member and child contribute to the success of our Trust; we value each individual and believe that through working together, we can achieve the best possible outcomes.  We make no excuse for having high expectations – our children deserve the best!


Our Ethos


We are a collaboration of schools, committed to our partnership, yet retaining our separate identities and individuality.

Across our schools we are developing a culture where all members of the learning community work together and respect one another. We encourage children to appreciate their environment and develop an understanding of their impact upon the local community and the wider world.


Our children are at the centre of all that we do and we listen carefully to their opinions and perspectives to ensure that learning has purpose and meaning. We motivate and inspire children to reach their full individual potential by offering a broad, exciting and highly creative experience. The staff are forward thinking, innovative and adaptable; keen to explore teaching approaches and projects that will stimulate the enquiring minds of our children.


We value the holistic well-being of our children, through fostering a caring attitude, with a positive commitment to the ethos and values of Church of England Schools. Our open culture of communication throughout the school community ensures all views are valued. We provide a safe environment which develops confidence and independence within our children to prepare them for a life in an ever-changing world.


Severn Federation Academy Trust Aims


  • To develop independent thinking and encourage an enquiring mind;
  • To systematically work through teaching/learning ideas with creativity at the centre;
  • To give all children a broad and balanced curriculum;
  • To ensure that collective worship in school takes place and is supported by the local community and Christian organisations;
  • To make children aware that Christianity is one of the main faiths in our society, and

to develop knowledge, understanding and tolerance for the diversity, practices and

principles of other religions represented in the U.K;

  • To develop each individual child to its full potential in all aspects of the curriculum

through offering high quality teaching and learning opportunities;

  • To provide for the moral, spiritual, emotional and social needs of the children in

preparation for life in a rapidly changing world;

  • To create climates where children feel safe, can form opinions and debate issues;
  • To create a happy, caring, stimulating and attractive school environments, and to

extend this to an appreciation and conservation of their natural environment;

  • To provide co-operation between home and school and develop links with the wider


  • To create schools where all members feel valued, respected and have a sense of