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Severn Federation Academy Trust

Learning together with minds that think and hearts that care

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Benefits of working with us

The Severn Federation Academy Trust believes that every person makes a difference to the children, families and communities we serve.  We value the part that individuals play in this and believe that through our love for our children and staff, we inspire, nurture and include, enabling everyone to flourish and fulfil their potential - come and join our Trust and make a difference!

At the Severn Federation Academy Trust we are committed to putting people first.  As such, we aim to ensure that:  


  • the Trust’s values and culture are our binding quality which can be experienced in any of our settings
  • the Trust has a reputation as a market leader in staff wellbeing practices
  • we demonstrate an increasingly diverse workforce
  • our inclusive practices are consistent throughout
  • performance management is embedded for all staff throughout the trust
  • we have a healthy balance of new staff, bringing in new ideas, and experienced staff to provide stability, knowledge and expertise
  • there is a commitment to training the teachers and educational workforce for the future
  • we are recruiting and retaining high-quality staff at all levels.

Professional Development Offer