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Severn Federation Academy Trust

Learning together with minds that think and hearts that care

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Members statutory responsibilities are set out in the Articles of Association, and their role includes;


  • Appointing the MAT Trustees;
  • Removing MAT Trustees;
  • Amending the Articles of Association, subject to and restrictions created by the funding agreement or charity law;
  • By special resolution, directing the Trustees to take a specific action;
  • Appointing the Trust's external auditors and receiving the audited accounts;
  • Calling an Annual General Meeting.

The Members of The Severn Federation Academy Trust are;


Nathan Rundle: Appointed 20/11/2020



Bishop Robert Springett: Appointed 01/02/2024



Huw Evans: Appointed 20/11/2020



Bea Erskine: Appointed 12/03/2024



CORPORATE MEMBER: The Diocese of Gloucester Education Trust

Jane Borgeaud: Appointed 01/11/2023



Retired Members


Louisa Davies: Appointed 20/11/2020 Retired 11/03/2024

Declarations of Interest