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University of Gloucester Initial Teacher Education Lead Partner







 A University of Gloucestershire Initial Teacher Education Lead Partner



The University of Gloucestershire is delighted to be working with its ITE Lead Partner, Severn Federation Academy Trust, in delivering Initial Teacher Education. We work together on recruitment, school placements, trainee and mentor curriculum design and delivery, and the intensive training and practice element of the curriculum. 


We are committed to helping our trainee teachers to take the next step in their education so that together we can make a difference in the lives of others. 


Leading the way in high quality research, teaching and professional education, we have earned an excellent reputation in terms of trainee teacher satisfaction and our graduates are caring and successful. 

If you engage with us as an aspiring teacher, you will become part of a close-knit community characterised by exceptional support, specialist subject expertise and a network of diverse schools for first-rate placement opportunities. 


Course summary 


The PGCE primary teacher training course at the University of Gloucestershire is taught in partnership with primary schools. Trainee teachers work alongside experienced tutors, teachers and mentors throughout training. 


The programme aims to prepare trainee teachers for entry to the teaching profession through placements, lectures, seminars, practical workshops and directed study. The programme is designed around the five core areas of behaviour management, pedagogy, curriculum, assessment and professional behaviours. There is significant emphasis on the principles and application in practice of teaching, learning and child development, underpinned by the latest research.


Through following the University of Gloucestershire’s distinctive and ambitious initial teacher education curriculum trainee teachers will be fully prepared for life in the teaching profession. In the University-based curriculum trainee teachers work alongside specialist tutors and in the school-based curriculum work alongside expert colleagues.

Trainee teachers will develop the skills and understanding needed to teach and assess the full range of core and foundation primary subjects for primary aged children. Trainees can choose to situate their training in the 3-7 age range or the 5-11 age range. Trainee teachers will refer to the Early Years Foundation Stage and Primary National Curriculum as relevant. They will also develop the knowledge required to cultivate management and leadership skills. 


We enable trainee teachers to understand the teacher’s wider role, developing inclusive practice to meet individual and diverse needs whilst supporting children’s health and wellbeing. Trainee teachers learn to use analysis and evaluation to establish and maintain high expectations for all children. Trainee teachers are coached in inclusive practice so that all children, including those with special educational needs and disabilities, can be highly successful. They will work within a supportive learning environment where pastoral care of trainee teachers is a priority. 


In addition, trainee teachers will study at Master’s level to gain up to 60 level 7 credits, with potential progression to a Master’s level degree programme. 


The PGCE is awarded following satisfactory performance in relation to the Core Curriculum Framework and the standards for QTS. Evidence of success will be drawn from coursework, study tasks, and teaching competence demonstrated through school experience. 


Training locations 


Trainee teachers will be immersed in primary schools for most of their course. They will have placements in at least two schools and mentored by expert colleagues. School placements will be within commuting distance.


On application candidates are able to express a preference for placements and training opportunities in one of our geographical areas and this information will be carefully considered and taken into account. We cannot guarantee however the geographical area of preference stated by candidates.

Severn Federation Academy Trust will be working with all schools in its Trust and with schools from across the Forest of Dean.  We offer a diverse range of experiences from small rural schools with mixed age classes to larger primaries located in the towns of the Forest of Dean; Church of England and Community schools; and schools with a diverse range of pupils and communities.


Placements are arranged for trainee teachers by the University in collaboration with us as a Lead Partner and our partnership schools with key considerations in mind: experience of different age ranges and schools, accessibility and travel time and trainee teachers’ previous experience.  All trainee teachers teach in two age phases, for example Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 (3-7 route) or Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 (5- 11 route), and in at least two different schools, during their training year. The pattern of school experience has been determined in collaboration with partnership primary schools.


Personal qualities 


Successful applicants to our teacher training courses will be proactive, engaging, willing to learn and resilient with a drive to make a positive difference to the lives of children and their families.  


The University of Gloucestershire and Severn Federation Academy Trust is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all our trainee teachers to share this commitment. 


Name of Lead Partner: Severn Federation Academy Trust


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We have an excellent track record of training outstanding teachers who are successful in gaining employment. We have an excellent long-standing partnership with the University of Gloucestershire, and our programme enables trainee teachers to work alongside and learn from our exceptional teachers. 


We have trained more than 50 trainee teachers since 2016, with many of those going on to gain employment in schools within our Trust and the Forest of Dean; some of whom are now in senior leadership roles within the Trust.



For Further Information and How to Apply:





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University of Gloucestershire Website:


Course Codes  X110    3-7 age phase

                         X100    5-11 age phase