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Learning together with minds that think and hearts that care

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School Improvement

School Improvement Offer

Our School Improvement Offer


Our vision is to be creative schools learning together in inclusive, inspiring and nurturing Christian communities where all children and adults are loved and achieve their best.


‘Learning together, with minds that think and hearts that care’


The Severn Federation Academy Trust believes that all children should be educated in schools that are at least good in order to achieve their very best.  At the Severn Federation, everyone works together to put children at the heart of all that we do.  We collaborate seeking out the best practice from within our Trust and from the wider educational world to provide robust challenge and support.  We believe that every school, staff member and child contribute to the success of our Trust; we value each individual and believe that through working together, we can achieve the best possible outcomes.  We make no excuse for having high expectations – our children deserve the best!


Our School Improvement Offer meets the individual needs of schools within out Trust.  We have a wide range of expertise and experience in supporting schools at different stages in their school improvement journeys.


Our vision of being inclusive, nurturing and creative drives our desire that schools will provide the very best education for every pupil regardless of difference and disadvantage.  Each school celebrates its own unique identity with a strong Christian distinctiveness in our Church schools and an understanding of the communities which we serve.


The Trust benefits from a full-time CEO and Deputy CEO who are accessible and available to provide support.  Our schools are supported by a central team that removes the pressures of whole school finances, premises, HR and legal to enable our school leaders to focus on developing teaching and learning and engage with children, parents and communities.  Schools are supported with structures, policies and expertise.

Through peer-to-peer support and thorough professional development, SFAT aims to build strong learning communities and celebrate achievements by all in our Trust. School-to-school support is a vital component of the improvement programme.

We work in close partnership with other MATs, the Diocese, Local Authority, Teaching School Hub, Maths and English Hubs.  We engage external school improvement partners including OFSTED professionals and SIAMs practitioners to enhance our school improvement offer.

Alongside a robust CPD programme for all staff, there is a drive to protect well-being and foster a culture of respect with minds that think and hearts that care.  We have a culture of respectful working relations in all areas of our organisation.

We will work collaboratively with schools new to our Trust or considering joining our Trust to identify needs and priorities.

Our team of highly experienced and skilful school improvement experts undertake a series of visits to each school over the year. The annual programme is drawn up in collaboration with school leaders in order to ensure it adds as much value as possible to the school.

Teaching and Learning and Professional Development

  • Annual reviews of Teaching and Learning
  • Trust wide support for pupil premium / disadvantages strategy, including annual review
  • Support to develop well budgeted SEND strategies including support for Trust Inclusion lead and an annual review of SEND
  • Trust subject leader networks
  • Trust moderation networks
  • Curriculum Development Support
  • Support for annual monitoring and assessment plans
  • Trust Professional Development Offer
  • Academy Heads network meeting fortnightly
  • Deputy Heads network
  • Trust wide tracking and assessment system
  • Coaching for school leaders
  • Reflective supervision


SIAMS and Church

  • Developing Church School Leaders
  • Preparation for SIAMs
  • Self-evaluation of Church schools
  • Collaboration with the Diocese
  • Support to develop a distinctly Christion school vision
  • Access to a range of Diocesan and bespoke individual and whole school CPD


  • Members, trustees and local governance support and training
  • Every school will have a dedicated Local Academy Committee
  • Bespoke training
  • Access to a range of resources including the Key for School Governors and the Confederation of School Trusts

Learning Environment

  • Management of building and premises
  • Conditions surveys
  • Programme of refurbishment
  • Writing of Condition Improvement Fund bids

Central Services

  • Annual review of Safeguarding
  • Trust wide safeguarding system - CPOMS
  • Regular review of Single Central Record – support and training
  • Admin team network
  • Finance
  • Premises
  • Legal
  • HR
  • Health and Safety